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Tayura Minamoto (源 たゆら Minamoto Tayura) is the younger brother of Chizuru Minamoto and a classmate of Kouta Oyamada who is also a fox spirit. He was adopted into Chizuru's family and frequently teases her about her age which results in her getting visibly annoyed. Initially Tayura was jealous of the relationship between his sister and Kouta, prompting Chizuru to say that he is suffering from a sister complex. He ends up falling in love with Akane Asahina, but he is given the cold shoulder whenever he tries to get closer to her. He has stated that he is okay with her coldness and the two gradually warm up to each other.


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Tayura is cool, calm, and outgoing. He is often seen being badly treated and abused by his sister, who forces him to do all the housework.

Despite the abuse, he really cares about his sister and is willing to do whatever to keep her safe and out of danger; like when he fought with Saku to protect her.

At first he is jealous of Kouta and his sister, but later he start to care for Kouta; like when he tried to convince his sister to stop cooking weird dishes for Kouta.

He likes Akane Asahina. and despite her cold personality, she warms up to him.


Early Life

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Tayura first appears in chapter 2 where he is fighting with Chizuru about her inappropriate relationship with a human.


Tayura first appears in episode 1, where he is bothered by Chizuru Minamoto hugging Kouta, and gives a hug to Akane Asahina and being punched by her. Later, he tries to correct his sister about her inappropriate relationship with a human, but he get defeated by them and blasted out of the window by the power of the love.

In the next episode, he is seen being beaten up by Chizuru and Akane where he gains a lot of injuries. He tries to get close to Akane, but he fails repeatedly.


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  • Tayura's surname Minamoto means "source" (源).
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