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Tamamo Minamoto (玉藻) makes her first appearance in volume three of the novels. She is the manager of Tama no Yu (玉ノ湯?), a hot springs hotel deep in the snowy mountains. She is Chizuru Minamoto's mother, though not related by blood. She is in fact revealed to be Tamamo-no-Mae, a powerful nine-tailed fox spirit. During the summer months when business at the hot springs is slow, she works at a beachside restaurant named Tama no Ya. Yukihana helps her run both the hotel and the shop. She gets along with Kouta, though does sometimes meddle in his relationship with Chizuru.


It seems as not much is know about Tamamo's appearance but she does seem to have a black yukata, bigger breasts than her daughter, and hair tied at the back. Also like her daughter, Tamamo’s hair turns from black to blonde when she goes into her kitsune form. She has nine white-gold tails while in her kitsune form.


Tamamo is very carefree and often smiling. Despite not being blood-related to Chizuru, she still cares for her daughter deeply, even though Chizuru doesn’t always feel the same about her. She purposefully gave Kouta the Nine Tail Brew in order to see if he was worthy of being with her daughter.


Early Life[]

Tamamo fell in love with Yasunari Abe, the hero from the children's book "The Legend of the Nine-tailed Fox". Rather than killing her as the story implies, he took her to become his bride. As such, she encourages Kouta's relationship with her daughter even though he is a human. She also knows about Yamata no Orochi, the dragon that was sleeping inside of Chizuru.


She is able to make a special drink that causes humans to fall in love with the first thing they see, The Nine Tail Brew. She is also shown to be able to form magical barriers with her power, such as when she puts up a barrier around the hot springs when she goes to wash Kouta.


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