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Nozomu Ezomori (犹守 望 Ezomori Nozomu) is one of the main characters in Kanokon series. She is a female wolf spirit.

Nozomu is a first-year female student at Kouta's school who first appears in the third volume of the novels. She has short silver hair, and is in fact a 200-year-old wolf spirit. She has an older brother named Saku.

Despite her seemingly detached and emotionless manner, she is in love with Kouta and thus a rival of Chizuru for Kouta's affections. She sometimes insults Chizuru by calling her a "Horny Beast," saying that Chizuru "smells obscene" and that her breasts are flabby. While she has small breasts and a much more childlike appearance than Chizuru, Nozomu also frequently tries to initiate sexual acts with Kouta. She lives by herself in an expensive but empty penthouse apartment, where she always sleeps naked on the floor. Though Kouta cares deeply for Chizuru, sometimes he prefers Nozomu's company as she is not as eager to have sex with him as Chizuru.


Nozomu has a childlike appearance and sleeps naked on the floor in her apartment, but usually dons the school uniform (black knee-high socks, brown shoes, pinkish red bow, brown skirt, and a beige suit) on school days and wears more casual clothes on non-school days. She has silver grey hair and dark blue eyes. In her wolf spirit form she looks the exact same except for her short grey tail (which is pointed upwards) and grey wolf ears.


Nozomu is seemingly emotionless and detached but can show signs of emotion as she is very much in love with Kouta. She is not very smart however, like when she knocks on a door instead of using a doorbell, (to which she was called an idiot by Tayura Minamoto for doing so).


Early Life[]

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Nozomu can shift between her human and wolf spirit form at will.