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Kanokon (かのこん), known as Kanojo wa kon to, kowaiku seki wo shite (translated as She coughed with a cute little yip!) is a Japanese light novel series by Katsumi Nishino, with illustrations by Koin. The first novel was released by Media Factory on October 31, 2005 under its MF Bunko J imprint, and it published 15 volumes until December 24, 2010. A manga adaptation illustrated by Rin Yamaki was serialized in Media Factory's seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive between the August 2006 and August 2010 issues. A drama CD was produced by Media Factory and released on March 28, 2007. A twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by Xebec aired in Japan between April and June 2008 on AT-X, and has been licensed by Media Blasters for release in North America. A two-part OVA sequel aired on AT-X in October 2009.

A visual novel named Kanokon: Esuii developed by 5pb, was released for the PlayStation 2 on July 31, 2008.


The story of Kanokon revolves around Kouta Oyamada, an innocent and unsuspecting first year high school student who moves from country to the city due to transfering into Kunpō High School.[1][2] Shortly after arriving at the new school, he meets a second year female student, Chizuru Minamoto. Chizuru takes a liking to Kouta, so she invites him to meet her in the music room after classes. When he arrives, she tells him that she loves him and accidentally reveals her true Fox Spirit form.[1] Later into the story, a Wolf Spirit, Nozomu Ezomori, also transfers to Kouta's school and class. From day one, Kouta is getting more and more embarrassed by the acts of Nozomu and Chizuru, and they contend for Kouta's affection.[2]


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