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Chizuru Minamoto (源 千鶴, Minamoto Chizuru) is a main character of the Kanokon series. She is a second-year female student at Kouta Oyamada's (her love interest) school who appears to be a well-endowed teenage girl on the outside, but she is actually a powerful kitsune. She is the series Yandere.


She appears to be a normal, teenage girl, but she is in fact a 400-year-old powerful kitsune. When she changes form, her hair goes from black to blond and she gains fox ears, a fox tail and big breast.


Chizuru is a carefree second year female student at Kouta's school. She is constantly hanging around and on Kouta, as he is the only male she acts genuinely towards. She loves Kouta very much and wants to enter a "relationship of sin" with him. She is a very straightforward person and makes almost constant sexual suggestions and actions toward Kouta. Her overall personality is akin to that of a Yandere.




Chizuru can shift between her human form or kitsune form at will and she is shown to be more powerful in "true" form than in her human form.

Kitsune Physiology[]

Being from a bloodline of powerful kitsune, Chizuru can transform to reach her full power and strength.


Chizuru can emit powerful blue fox flames.


Chizuru has shown to be able to physically merge with Kouta by kissing him in order to become more powerful and she enters his body where she gains the ability to use her 5 tailed-kitsune powers.


  • The name Chizuru means "one thousand" (千) (chi) and "crane" (鶴) (zuru).
    • An ancient Japanese legend stated that a person who could fold one thousand origami cranes by himself within one year would be granted eternal good luck or one wish.
  • Chizuru's surname Minamoto means "source" (源).
  • She is the series’ Yandere to Kouta.
  • While it is implied by Tayura Minamoto (Chizuru's younger brother) that Chizuru is 400 years old, it is later revealed that her age may be in the thousands.
  • Chizuru has no recollection of her past from before she met Tamamo (Chizuru's foster mother), but she remembers some things she had forgotten about herself over time.