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Ad-initium-et-finis Ad-initium-et-finis 24 April 2021

Wiki Adoption

Hello everybody,

I am using this opportunity to let you know about my interest in the wiki's adoption.
As you might have seen, this wiki is in need of significant improvement and expansion, especially considering the fact that the admin's last edit was made 11 years ago.

Ever since, there had been no one to manage this wiki and on this account the wiki underwent vandalism between the 18th of February 2011 and the 10th of July 2019. Thankfully, most of the vandalism has been removed by other users, but there is still gibberish on the pages.
I am looking forward to working alongside you towards improving this wiki. Please be at liberty to leave me a message on my message wall or a comment below, if you have any proposals.

With appreciation,

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Bleach Kitty Bleach Kitty 10 July 2012

Kanokon Fan :)

lol i really like this anime even tho it goes for 12 episodes....i dout theyd make another one since it fisrt came out in 2008 but still i like it :D

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